Biography Mi-Kyung Lee

1967               Born in Chung Ju, Korea
1986 – 1990    Studies of fine art at EWHA University, Seoul, Korea
1992 – 2000    Studies of free art at the Art Academy
                      Münster, Academy for Fine Arts with
                      Prof. Udo Scheel und Prof. Ulrich Erben
1997               Master class student academy certificate
1998               Award from DAAD
2002               Member of West German Artists’ Society WKB
2003               »start« – Sponsorship Award for Young Artists from the Cultural Foundation
                      of the County Savings Bank Steinfurt, Steinfurt
                      Living and working in Berlin



Kunstbuch 2009 + Edition

Art Book 2009 + Edition
Book 2009:
Mi-Kyung Lee (Paintings 2003–2009), 76 images,
96 pages, 4-colour, 19 EUR  |  Orders: via this website
or Verlag Kettler, ISBN 987-3-941100-98-5.


Limited Art Edition +  Book 2009:
30 oil paintings in book format,
200 EUR including art book. Orders: via this website.
You can view the edition here:   Pdf Download


Book 2002:
Mi-Kyung Lee "Black  Landscape" (Paintings 1999–2002), 16 images,
56 pages, Novaton, 20 EUR, wertstatt Verlag



2020 magazine
Leading article in the journal "Kunst & Material" of the Boesner company about my work, July / August issue. With an extensive text by Sepp Hiekisch-Picard

You can download a PDF of the article here. (Text in german)


Individual Exhibitions

1998               »The Chamber«, cuba, Muenster, Germany (C)
1999               »West Eastern Metamorphoses«, Art Trade Michael Nolte, Muenster
2002               Gallery Clasing, Muenster
                      »Black  Landscape«, schumannsraum, Munich (C)
2003               Society for Current Art Ruhrgebiet, Oberhausen, Germany
2004               »far far away«, zweite_Zeit, Friends of Current Art Association, Muenster
                      Cultural Foundation of the Westphalian Provincial Assurance, Muenster
2005               Gallery Januar, Bochum Art Association Ahaus, Germany
2006               »one studio – two times painting«, Wohn+Stadtbau Muenster
2007               GLS Bank, Bochum, Germany
2009               »Landscapes of memory« to the discussion forum »Crisis? What crisis?«,
                      Leonardo-Campus, Muenster (C)
                      Quartier 7, Muenster (C)
2010               »Atelier 2010 Seoul«, b2project-gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011               Gallery MünsterArt, Münster, Germany
2012               »Blackscapes«, Gallery Hoffmann Contemporary Art, Rheda-Wiedenbrück,
2013               »The far and wide view«, Church St. Johannis, Herford, Germany



Group Exhibitions

1995                »Out of the Box«, Royal Art Academy Stockholm, Sweden
1997                »Udo Scheel and his Master Class Students«, Law Firm
                       Gleiss, Lutz, Hootz, Hirsch & Partner, quartier 206, Berlin
1998                »Out of the Box«, Academia del Bellas Artes, Madrid
1999                »Master Class Students in Westphalian Castles«, Castle Opherdicke,
                       Holzwickede (C)
                       »Light Incidence«, Simultanhalle, Cologne
2000                »From Home to Home«, West German Artists’ Society (WKB),
                       Museums of Lüdenscheid, Municipal Gallery Lüdenscheid, Lüdenscheid (C)
                       »Asia-Europe Young Artists’ Painting Competition«, Asia-Europe Foundation,
                       Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Kyongju World Culture Expo, Kyongju, Na In
                       Gallery, Kwangju, Korea and other locations (C)
2001                »West German Artists’ Society in Lithuania«, Kaunas, Lithuania
                       »Small Sculptures & Objects, Image Series«, Gallery Michael Schlieper,
2002                »Overview« (WKB), Museum Bochum, Bochum (C)
2003                »start« – Sponsorship Award for Young Artists from the Cultural Foundation
                        of the County Savings Bank Steinfurt, Steinfurt (C)
2004                »Landscape Paintings – Bochum Collects II«, Museum Bochum (C)
                       »Here and Now«, Gustav Lübke Museum, Hamm (C)
                       Gallery S65, Cologne
                       »Painting 04«, Contemporary Positions on Painting,
                       Art Gallery Recklinghausen (C)
                       »Way Home«, a project by culturalaffairs, Gallery Zink+Gegner, Munich,
                       Gallery Martin Kudlek, Cologne (C)
                       »Painting 04«, Barmenia Assurance, Wuppertal (C)
2005                »The Wages of Work« (WKB), Art Museum Mühlheim (C)
                       »Yearly Offerings 2006«, Westphalian Art Association Münster (C)
2006                »Master Class Students Prof. Udo Scheel«, Savings Bank
                       »calculated and intuitional«, Meno Parkas Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania and
                       Grudziadz, Poland
2008                Gallery Kätelhöhn, Möhnesee, Germany
2009                »New Landscape«, Educational Centre Thyssen, Duisburg, Meno Parkas
                       Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania (C)
2010                »Landpartie« (WKB), Museum Abbey Liesborn, Germany
                       Seoul Open Art Fair 2010, Seoul, Korea
                       »Hong Kong Art Fair«, Cais Gallery, Hong Kong
                       »Imaginary Scene«, Cais Gallery, Hong Kong
2011                »on the way – at home«, Kaunas Photography gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
2012                »Contemporary Art and the bible«, Church St. Johannis, Herford, Germany

                       (C) = Catalogue