Clouds – Mural Work


“Dots“ - The path from my tools to wall work

All of the images in the “Clouds” work cycle are not painted, but stamped. After many attempts, everything that was suitable as a round stamp - candles, spice jars, etc. - was used and provided with absorbent ink pads. I collected the ink pads I used because they were particularly colorful and often simply beautiful objects. Each one was different and the question asked by Dr. Urs Verweyen on the exhibition at KV LEGAL, whether I had an idea for a wall work, gave the impulse to do it with the ink pads. Some “Dots” were sold during the exhibition for the benefit of the Berlin cold aid. With new cushions, which had been added in the meantime, I was able to realize the wall work at Doro S. in February 2022.

Making of the mural “Dots”

in February 2022

nach oben